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Distance IELTS Course


Aim: IELTS 6.5 and above

Format: 100% online

Duration: 6 weeks

What's included:

  • 2 webinars per week
    (weeks 1-4, 45 mins)

  • 1 individual tutorial per week
    (weeks 1-4, 30 mins)

  • 2 tutorials on the 5th week, no webinars

  • practice exam with a mock speaking part on the 6th week

  • continuous online support via virtual classroom


  • weeks 1 and 2 - Writing 

  • week 3 - Listening

  • week 4 - Reading

  • week 5 - Speaking

  • week 6 - Mock exam

  • Tutorials focus on whatever you personally need help in

What Our Students Say

The information we received was well prepared. The personal tutorial was the icing on the cake. It was all about me, my thoughts and ideas and how I can put these into a well-structured essay. Jo was very nice during the whole training. We could ask questions about everything related to the topic and she was very patient answering them. She really cared about the final version of the personal statement and gave every support. 

The whole course was very well put together, it included everything that was important. I really liked the idea of individual tutorials because they help the participants in a personal way. Jo was well prepared throughout the course. Sometimes the webinars were lagging, but that's perfectly natural and acceptable with an online course. Thanks for your help and professionalism.

Janka B.

1-to-1 Exam Prep

Jo’s method of teaching makes you excited about learning. The creative activities and the various learning material never let you be bored during her class. I’ve reached C1 advanced level with her help, and what’s more: the lessons were fun.

Lizi V.

1-to-1 Exam Prep

Röviden es tömören: egyszerû, gyors és hatékony angol tanulás saját bôrön tapasztalva. Tudásomat kevesebb, mint 6 alkalommal sikerült felfej-leszteni a B2-es sikeres nyelvvizsgára, melyet Jo türelmének remek pedagó-giai érzékének és mód-szereinek köszönhetek.

Következetes, asszertív kom-munikációval jellemezném óráit, amik vidám hangulattal vannak fûszerezve.

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