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Digitális Tanítási Ötletpiknik / Mini Conference

I don't know about you but this year has definitely seemed to me to be the longest of all. I have never experienced so many changes, new things, websites, apps, and modes of teaching like this year. And to wrap it all up, I actually decided to organise an online idea swap shop, where we can all get together and share our experiences with each other in connection with online teaching. Read on to find out more!


I'd like to invite you to our first-ever virtual idea swap shop! Anybody can present at the event who has an online teaching idea or experience to share. There is going to be a short Q&A at the end of the event when you can ask your questions in connection with the presented ideas or about online teaching in general. Prepare your mulled wine and Christmas cookies, and do come because it's going to be fantastic!

The idea is that this will become a tradition, and there will be more such events in the coming year! The language of the first event is going to be Hungarian, but the following ones will run both in English and Hungarian.

If you're interested, please register here:

You can see the program below :)

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