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Cambridge Live 2022 recorded talks

This year's event had an extremely good reception, with around 10.000 registered participants and more than 50 speakers. I was honored to deliver two workshops: one on Engaging with Assessment, the other on How to Deal with Hybrid Learning. You can watch my recorded talks below.

Engaging with Assessment

When we think of student engagement, it’s usually games and exciting activities that come to mind. So, assessment would probably be the last one on your list. It’s because most of us believe it is always teacher-focused and students simply have to suffer through it. But testing is not the only way to find out more about our students’ knowledge and progress.

In this interactive workshop, Jo will demonstrate different formative assessment activities that can boost your students’ engagement and improve their learning competencies, such as critical thinking, learning to learn, communication, and collaboration.

How to deal with hybrid teaching - creative ideas for hybrid learning

What is hybrid learning exactly? As a starting point, understanding the difference between online, blended and hybrid forms of teaching will help us see what needs to be considered in terms of activity planning, technological setup, and classroom management.

Although hybrid seems to be the ideal solution for the current pandemic and future cases of some students being unable to attend lessons, we need to be fully aware of our needs, our possibilities and the ins and outs of hybrid teaching itself to take advantage of it.

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