Who am I?

Hi there! If you wish to know a bit more about my professional background or what I do in my personal life, you're in the right place. 

Jo Szoke

I’ve been teaching general and business English and preparing for different exams for more than 10 years at various language schools in Hungary. I’ve also been teaching English for Academic Purposes, basically university prep courses, for 5 years at various universities in the United Kingdom.

I have a BA in American Studies and an MA in English Theoretical Linguistics. As for teaching qualifications I have the Cambridge CELTA, all three modules of the Cambridge DELTA, and an MA TESOL as well.

I am also involved in teacher training, which has become a much more predominant part of my career since March 2020. I work as a senior teacher, teacher trainer, and regular participant and presenter at teacher training conferences. I also produce instructional materials and hold webinars/in-person trainings in connection with online teaching and edtech.

In my free time, I’m an extremely energetic person who loves all types of sport, especially mountain biking and water sports but I’m happy to try anything that gives me a burst of energy. I love taking walks in nature and I dream of having a tiny wooden house at the bottom of a mountain. 

You can download my full resume from here!

Check out my conference talks here!

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