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Tailor-made courses, workshops, webinars

Skills and Exams courses are for those ...
  •        who'd wish to get into college or university by taking the IELTS Academic exam or 

  • ​who'd like to perform better as university students or

  • ​who'd want to boost their performance at their workplace in terms of email writing skills (better style, nicer sentences) and/or speaking skills (online and in-person meetings, presentations)

  • who are focused and have short-term goals

Tailor-made professional webinars and workshops for you and your teacher colleagues!

Jo has delivered hundreds of successful teacher training sessions so far (see the list), and is super excited to be contacted with such requests to help the continuous professional development of language teachers around the world! These workshops can be either face-to-face or online.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • AI and assessment - course design with respect to integrating the use of AI in teaching and assessment

  • teaching and learning methodology in synchronous and asynchronous courses

  • assessment for learning, assessment as learning

  • activity, materials, and course design

The workshop you request is always going to be custom-made for your specific context! My rates depend on the complexity of your expectations and the type of workshop/webinar. 

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