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Tailor-made courses, workshops, consultations

Jo has delivered hundreds of successful teacher training sessions so far (see the list), and is super excited to be contacted with such requests to help the continuous professional development of language teachers around the world! These workshops can be either face-to-face or online.


She is also skilled at helping language learners improve their communication skills, making them ready to tackle a difficult conference presentation or business meeting.

Decorative Papers

Tailor-made practical workshops

Contact me if you'd like me to create and deliver customized interactive workshops, whether in-person or online.

My primary areas of expertise include:

AI in education; assessment and feedback; general ELT methodology (activity, materials, and course design).


Price: €90-120/60 mins/group
(depending on necessary 
planning time)



Flying Bird

1-to-1 consultation on AI integration

Book a consultation if you're interested in exploiting the power of artificial intelligence in your teaching or if you're looking to revamp your academic course, including its requirements, teaching methods, and assessment, to align with the demands of this new era.

Price: €75/60 mins





Female Performer

"Skills and Exams" short trainings

Feel free to get in touch if you're gearing up for a conference presentation, podcast or roundtable interview, business negotiation, or an upcoming exam and you're seeking swift and effective guidance.

Price: €55-65/60 mins

(depending on the uniqueness
of the request

"Joanna is such a dynamic and charismatic presenter. Her recent presentation on AI for IATEFL BESIG was brilliant."

Alison Walsh, Certified Business English Teacher and Finance Director

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Get in Touch

How can I help?

Thanks! I'll be in touch very soon!

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