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Changing roles - AI in the classroom at Cambridge Experience 2023

I had the pleasure to give one of the keynote talks at Cambridge Experience Brazil 2023 to several hundred teachers. Read on to access my slides and to watch the recording!

Changing roles - AI in the classroom at Cambridge Experience 2023


I'd say the main message of my talk is that there are 4 roles that we (teachers, students, and AI) will most probably play from now on:

1️⃣ Assistant - I think this is going to be the way we work in the future: together with AI, making things more streamlined, but keeping the human element by editing and revising the output.

2️⃣ Critical thinker - It’s more important than ever in these times to improve our students’ critical thinking skills because they are going to be surrounded by more and more things that might be fake or just simply incorrect. AI literacy requires a high level of critical thinking skills.

3️⃣ Creative thinker - It’s interesting that AI can be capable of magical things but without the human creativity of coming up with the right prompts, it’s no more than just a machine we can’t find the key to.

4️⃣ Learner - Last but not least, we’re all learners now. Even AI learns day by day, conversation to conversation. By staying lifelong learners, we will always be able to exploit AI to the fullest.

You can watch the recording here:

And you can take a look at the slides here:

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