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IATEFL 2024 - My sketchnotes

This has been my 3rd IATEFL conference so far and it's still such a great experience! Though I think the program was extremely packed this year, which resulted in lots of sessions that I had to miss because I was either somewhere else or I didn't even notice the person was speaking until after the session. So that's bit of a shame but I still managed to go to some exciting workshops and talks, and here are my notes to capture the main points!


The sessions I attended:

  • Are ELT writers born or made? - by Katherine Bilsborough and John Hughes (@writingeltmaterials)

  • New directions in ELT dictionaries - by Julie Moore

  • Supporting neurodiversity on initial teacher training courses - by Joanna Stansfield and Melissa Lamb (@ihlondon)

  • The teacher's role in using AI for autonomous learning - by Mark Smith

  • Spilling the tea with our students - Investigating "new" words in the classroom - by Tracy Huntingford

  • The social media mystery - by Claire Bowes (@hubbublabs)

  • Dyslexia's less famous cousin: DLD - by Anne Margaret Smith (@ipsensig)

  • Embracing controversy in the EFL classroom - by Rita Diveki

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